General Advice for Cypriot visitors to Finland


Visitors for the purpose of tourism:

If you drink, do not drive. The attitude to driving while under the influence of alcohol varies from country to country. Many states take a more liberal view than Finland, where this is considered a serious offence. Driving while under the influence of alcohol (0.2 per mille alcohol in the blood and higher, or 0.10 milligrams of alcohol in one litre of breath and higher) is regarded as a serious offence in Finland even if no accident has occurred.

Do not get involved in any way with drugs. Even if being found in possession of small quantities of soft drugs incurs severe penalties – including custodial sentences.

Do check beforehand when hiring a car or other vehicle if there is proper insurance cover and if it covers injury to third parties.

Do travel on a return ticket and bring enough funds with you as bank transfers can take time.

Do take out medical insurance. Medical treatment is not free in Finland and hospital bills (and medical repatriation) can be expensive.


Do remember that you are a guest in the country and respect Finnish Law.

Do take care of the severe weather conditions of the Nordic winter. The climate in the Nordic countries, particularly during the winter is very different from the Mediterranean one. Therefore, you are advised to bring very warm clothes with you while visiting Finland.

Emergency contacts:

Do make sure your relatives know where to contact you in case of emergency.

Emergency out of hours assistance

If you are a Cypriot citizen and find yourself in an emergency situation that cannot wait until the next working day, please call the Embassy Duty Officer:

Tel: +358 50 32 57 014

Please note that this number should only be used in the case of emergency.