Death abroad and return of human remains in Cyprus


For the repatriation of human remains to Cyprus, the following provisions of the Law ratifying the Agreement for the Transfer of Human Corpses should apply:

Transfer begins from the State of departure in the case of a dead body or from the State in which burial had taken place in the case of human remains.

A laissez–passer, issued by the competent authority of the State of departure in one of the official languages of the EU, preferably the official language of the Republic of Cyprus, stating the cause of death and embalming (if performed), should accompany the dead body or remains.


If the state of departure is not a member of the Council of Europe, then a Medical Certificate of Death could replace the laissez–passer.


The dead body or remains should be placed in a carefully soldered lead or zinc coffin, with its base covered with absorbent material. It shall, then, be placed into an outer coffin made of wood at least 20 mm in thickness. Where death was due to a contagious disease, the dead body or remains should be wrapped in a shroud impregnated with an antiseptic solution.

The person to receive the coffin in Cyprus should make early arrangements with the Cyprus Health Services for the issue of a free pass licence exempting customs clearance.

Early notice should be given to the Port or Airport Health Officer to be present on arrival.


Note: All the above provisions do not apply to the international transport of ashes.


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Form Laissez-Passer for a Corpse