Registration of persons of Cypriot origin as citizens of the Republic of Cyprus

Registration of minors (under the age of 21)

Applications for registration of minors (under the age of 21) who were born:


·         Abroad after 16/8/1960 and their father is a Cypriot citizen or after 11/6/1999 and their mother is a Cypriot citizen are submitted on form M.121 (English version) (Greek version) in duplicate. A birth certificate of the child is attached with fees of €20,00. 



·         Either in Cyprus or abroad before 11/6/1999 and their mother is a Cypriot citizen or their father acquired the Cypriot citizenship after their birth are submitted on form M.126 (English version) (Greek version) by the parent who is a Cypriot citizen. Two photographs and a birth certificate of the minor, photocopies of the passports of the parents and consent of the parent who is not a Cypriot citizen are attached along with fees of €80,00 to be paid. 


Registration of adults (over the age of 21)

·        Persons of Cypriot origin, regardless of the place of their residence, who were born after 16/8/1960 must submit applications on form M.123 (Greek version only) in duplicate attach their birth certificate and pay fees of €50,00. 


·        Persons of Cypriot origin, born either before or after 16/8/1960, who are British citizens or citizens of any Commonwealth Country and have been living in Cyprus one year immediately before their application, must submit an application on Form M.124 in duplicate attach their birth certificate, a good-character certificate and a photocopy of their passport and pay fees of €80,00. (Please note that you can obtain the relevant Form M.124 only by contacting the Ministry of Interior, Nicosia, tel. +357 22 302105). 


Registrations as a result of marriage with a Cypriot citizen

Persons who have contracted a marriage with Cypriot men or Cypriot women may submit an application on form M.125 (Greek version only) in duplicate after completing at least three years of marriage and harmonious cohabitation with their Cypriot spouse (with the precondition that two years of permanent residence in Cyprus have elapsed, immediately before the submission of the application). A marriage certificate, a certificate of cohabitation of the two spouses, a birth certificate of the applicant and particulars of the Cypriot spouse are attached. The registration fee is €300,00.


Acquisition of Cypriot Citizenship by Naturalisation

An application form (M.127) may be submitted by persons who live in Cyprus and who in the last 8 years before their application accumulated more than 5 years of residence (or in the last 13 years more than 10 years of residence, if they are group sports players, sports technicians or coaches or work with offshore Companies, or work for Cypriot employers etc).
They should attach a birth certificate, their passport, a good character certificate, two photographs and publish their intention for naturalization in a Cyprus newspaper for two consecutive days. Fee: €500,00. The relevant application form is available at the Ministry of Interior, Nicosia where it should also be submitted. (Tel: +357 22 302105)








Note: All the above applications are signed before a Judge or a Court Registrar, if they are submitted in Cyprus or before a Consular Officer of the Republic of Cyprus, if they are submitted abroad.