Issue or Renewal of Passport

All Cypriot citizens are eligible for a Cyprus Passport.

What is the Biometric Passport?

Biometric passports are electronic documents which store the biometric data of the holder, as indicated by their name.

Biometric passports are issued by the Republic of Cyprus since 13/12/2010 under Regulation (EC) No 2252/2004 of 13 December 2004 on standards for security features and biometrics in passports and travel documents issued by Member States and under international standards as set by the ICAO (international Civil Aviation Organization).

The biometric passports carry a microchip in which the biometric data of the holder are stored, such as fingerprints, biometric photograph and digital signature.

The use of biometric data, which are unique, measurable, physical characteristics of each individual, both certify the identity of the passport holder and also help tackle the increased incidents of use of fraudulent travel documents.



Required Documents

Persons who submit an application for a Cyprus Passport or a Travel Document for the first time should produce the following documents:

(a) Application (Form M.9G/T)
(b) Birth Certificate (original)
(c) Marriage Certificate (for married women)
(d) Cypriot Citizenship Certificate (if the applicant has acquired the Cypriot Citizenship by registration or naturalization).
(e) One recent photograph 4X5 cm
(f) Civil Identity Card

The validity of biometric passports is ten years for adults and five years for minors.

Loss of passport

Along with the application for replacement the following documents shall be submitted:
(a) confirmation of the police or consular authority that filed a statement of the claimant for lost passport
(b) an affidavit for the circumstances of loss of passport.

In the case of first or subsequent loss or theft, the issuing fee is twice as high as the previous cost.

Issue of Passport to minors

Passports are issued to minors, provided that: 

(a) A written consent is given by both parents, or
(b) A written consent is given by the parent who has custody of the child, following a decision of the competent Court, or
(c) One of the two parents gives their consent if the other lives permanently abroad or lives in an unknown address, or
(d) The mother gives her consent when the child’s father is unknown. 


Fees are paid in cash accompanying the application.

Temporary Passport € 20
Biometric Passports € 70
Limited Period Passport (for minors) € 45

For more information please contact the Embassy’s Consular Section.


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