Drugs and other pharmaceutical regulations



According to Article 75 of the Schengen Agreement, persons travelling to or within the territory of contracting parties may carry the narcotic and psychotropic substances that are necessary for their medical treatment, provided that they have a certificate issued or authenticated by the competent authority of their state of residence

A list of substances that are classed as narcotic (Yellow list) and psychotropic (Green list) can be found on the webpage of the International Narcotic Control Board (www.incb.org)

The competent authorities to issue such certificates are:



National Agency for Medicines

Mannerheimintie 103b
P.O.Box 55
FI-00301 Helsinki
+358 9 473 341
Fax. +358 9 4733 4339







State Agency of Medicines

1 Nooruse Street

50411 Tartu

Tel: +372 7 374 140

Fax: +372 7 374 142

E-mail: info@ravimiamet.ee








Pharmaceutical Services

1475 Nicosia

Tel: (+357) 22 40 71 27
Fax: (+357) 22 30 52 55





Patients who take medication, which is neither classed as narcotic nor as psychotropic, can carry their medication in Cyprus provided that they are in possession of a doctor's certificate explaining the patient's condition.