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Epidemiological risk assessment of countries concerning CoVid-19


Countries are categorized according to their epidemiological situation into categories Green, Orange and Red, with category Green having the most favourable epidemiological status.


The categorization of countries, based on the epidemiological risk assessment, is extremely dynamic and may be modified at any moment as the pandemic evolves and the epidemiological data changes. The categorization of countries is updated weekly by the Ministry of Health and is published at the following link.





Cyprus reopens its borders – Information for travelers flying to and from Cyprus 

As of 9 June 2020, Cyprus airports are reopened to travelers from various countries. To facilitate the inbound passengers’ travel arrangements to Cyprus and ensure the capture of all necessary information required by the Health authorities, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has created the online portal Cyprus Flight Pass where all travelers can complete all the necessary formalities in a quick and easy way and receive their authorization to fly. A 'flight pass' to fly will be required prior to boarding.